Conversations With Memorable Personalities

  FROM stuff fit for a spy movie to stories that would fill gossip columns, like why Dora Siliya got divorced by her husband, and why Sikota Wina was popular with the ladies; to why the spy chief, Xavier Chungu, was being spied on. And what really led to the collapse of Fred M’membe’s empire – The Post? In his soon to be published book, Conversations with Memorable Personalities, journalist and author, Amos Malupenga, takes readers on an epic journey, retracing his own tracks in his illustrious career that spanned over 15 years, mainly at the helm of the country’s foremost private newspaper, The Post. The result is a riveting book that covers an array of topics, from espionage to bedroom secrets.  Conversations with Memorable Personalities is divided into three parts, with the first being the author’s memoirs as a journalist, and gives a glimpse into the political and business empire that was The Post, including a special relationship between the newspaper and Michael Sa